About us
The Center for Research and Training in PNL has the highest quality standards, established by the ITA (International Trainer Academy) for vocational training in NLP worldwide, leading to apprentices the latest in technology updates.
Use a quick and easy method of learning (inductive learning) with an approach that is in line with current dynamic times and the needs that the modern world demands.
NLP training given by our Center aims to create the internal conditions necessary to connect with the desired reality and transform our lives in profound ways.

Exhibitors and Instructors


Enrique Schwam es el director y fundador del Centro de Formación e Investigación en PNL, representante acreditado de la ITA, que está autorizado para impartir la formación de Practitioner con PNL
Enrique Schwam
Director & Founder
Enrique Schwam | Exhibitor and instructor certification
Tucuman - Argentina

Enrique Schwam is the director and founder of the Center for Research and Training in NLP, ITA accredited representative who is authorized to conduct the training in NLP Practitioner with direct certification, stamped signature of Dr. John Grinder (Co- creator of NLP), Carmen Bostic (Co-creator of the new code) and Michael Carrol (developer of new code NLP). It was certified directly with the ITA as Practitioner, Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer obtained directly from the hand of Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Carrol. He has extensive experience teaching seminars, workshops and training at the Center for Human Capital.
He has extensive academic career, is Lic. In Psychology (UNT), Lic. In Business Administration (UNT), HR Management Specialist (UNT), Master in Business Administration (Cafen), PhD in Psychology ( UNT), former Academic Director of the Diploma in Human Capital USPT, Business Director of Health.
He has taught seminars and training hundreds of people in different fields, including educators, physicians, psychologists, journalists, employees, employers, other professionals, other people without academic qualifications and the general public.