Mission and Values

EThe Center for Research and Training in PNL has the highest quality standards, established by the ITA (International Trainer Academy) for vocational training in NLP worldwide, leading to apprentices the latest in technology updates. 
Use a quick and easy method of learning (inductive learning) with an approach that is in line with current dynamic times and the needs that the modern world demands.
NLP training given by our Center aims to create the internal conditions necessary to connect with the desired reality and transform our lives in profound ways.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide all kinds of professionals, institutions and the general public geography where IFC NLP is acting, the most advanced tools in the world for change and continuous improvement and provide all the contributions generated for advancement NLP, through trained and qualified professionals through provided and overseen by the International Academy Trainer effective remedies.
Our values ​​and ways of proceeding
Professional NLP helps people connect with their inner resources so that they can achieve extraordinary results in their lives, work and social environment.
The professional trained by the Center for Training and Research should know how to act in situations where they have doubts as to how to proceed in practice the exercise of the profession in levels of Practitioner and Master Practitioner.
Our values ​​enable safeguard the welfare of members formed by the CFI in NLP, as well as that of individuals, organizations and groups with whom they work.
Our values ​​professional work which arise ethical principles governing our discipline and its professionals is derived.
Our commitment is to make steady progress towards a practice of excellence with the high standards that provides the International Trainer Academy in London, to ensure the welfare and rights of clients or Coachies, respecting its world model, its content and process change and growth.
NLP professional, must honor the client, since it confides conditions for change in your life and it will be conducted so that positively reflects the understanding and acceptance of this postulate.
A change agent will not discriminate against anyone because of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status or any other similar reason, as it is enshrined in the Declaration universal Human Rights.
Although NLP do not work with the content but with the process, unlike psychotherapies, every precaution to preserve the confidentiality and security of customer will be taken, because in the process of intense coaching as long sessions (3 to 4 hours) as the "Breakthrough" can be played very personal values ​​and beliefs.
NLP CFI has as one of its main axes serious research in theory and in practice, which is why working with casuistry, however it is a fundamental principle, never disclose confidential information under any circumstances. In any case, any reference will be made anonymously or making enough changes in names, ages and genders, so that the welfare of the client, his family and the general public are always protected.
Our conviction is that we must constantly formed and learn to evolve and improve every day so it is essential for us to maintain NLP specialist professional competence updating their knowledge through continuing education training activities.
Our Trainers (Trainers-teachers) use NLP educational experiences with their students using accurate and current information. They promote the professional growth of its students and offer them advice whenever necessary, by a revolutionary learning process, we call inductive method.
Our official training are supported and sealed by the ITA and are distinguished by the quality of its graduates training. The professional certification process to generate excellence through changes at the level of deep structure conducive extraordinary results in people.
The CFI strongly promotes rigorous research, which is governed by the laws, regulations and professional standards governing the conduct of research in any field, aiming to scientific nature of them.
Official training offered by the IFC, give an opportunity to become certified with the support of co-creator of NLP, Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair co creator of the New Code NLP and developer Michael Carrol New Code NLP.